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“In the cultivation of the soil the thoughtful worker will find that treasures little dreamed of are opening up before him. No one can succeed in agriculture or gardening without attention to the laws involved. The special needs of every variety of plant must be studied. Different varieties require different soil and cultivation, and compliance with the laws governing each is the condition of success”

Ellen White, Adventist Home, Chp 21.


A Few Words About Us

I’m a Jamaican by birth and much of my love for planting comes from my heritage as a Jamaican. My dad was a farmer so I was always surrounding by plants. In the small Jamaican community you can pretty much be self sufficient when all the plants within a locality is taken together.

You probably don’t even have to go shopping at the super market. A kind of farmers coop kind of evolve out of different people on a street or community growing different foods. Which means people were very connected to the natural environment around them.

I’m also interested in growing and nurturing indigenous Jamaican medicinal plants in the UK. Another key aspect of Jamaica culture where people to a large extent rely on using natural remedies to cure symptoms of all types of illnesses and disease.

the mighty leaf of life

leaf of life (bryophyllum pinnatum)


plant origin

The Leaf of Life plant (bryophyllum pinnatum) is said to be a native plant of the African continent. It also found in abundance in many subtropical and tropical countries. It is naturalized throughout the many hot and moist parts of India and also found in the Caribbean.


benefits of leaf of life

The plant also has large amounts of antihistamine and anaphylactic properties. Additionally, it has been shown to have anti-diabetic properties as well as working as an intestinal cleanse. Furthermore, the plant has also been found to rid the body of mucus.


use in a various countries

Bryophyllum pinnatum is used in ethnic remedy treatment for earache, burns, abscesses, ulcer, insect bites, diarrhea and Lithiasis. It has been documented in Trinidad and Tobago as being used as customary cure for hypertension and for the healing of Kidney stones. In South Eastern Nigeria, this herb is used to ease and speed up the dropping of the placenta of a newly born baby.


some of our plant projects

Plants growing in my garden