Aloe Vera Plant Care

The humble Aloe Vera is one of my main house plant. In the Caribbean the Aloe Vera is a plant used to treat cuts and bruises. But there is so much more to this plant than just its medicinal qualities.

When I bought this plant they were quite small, I would say about 4 inches in height, with about 6 leaves on each plant. But with a little bit of TLC they have grown to be quite large house plants.

The plants do not like to be outside in the cold, so if you place them by a window sill with good lighting, they will love that. If you place them where they cannot get sufficient light they will die.

I use Aloe Vera in my hair as a conditioner and for treating dandruff. They are also a great natural detox. You can remove the sap within the leaf, cut a small piece and blend it with a bit of orange juice. I have known people who remove the sap and take it internally without any drink.

This plant likes sandy soil, in the UK where the plant can’t be grown outdoors. You will need to grow it in a terracotta pot. Because, the root of the plant needs to dry out completely, and with the clay put, what you will find is that over time. This type of pot will absorb moisture from the soil. Leaving the plant in nice dry soil which it loves.

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