Bay Leaf Growing in Container


This plant has experienced almost a year of neglect. I have not watered it for a while, the soil is dried out, I’ve even planted other vegetable plants in the same pot as the Bay Leaf. But in spite of all this mistreatment, it has remained faithful and is looking nice and healthy. So it is well passed its due date for some TLC and pampering.

Nutritional and Health Benefits of Bay Leaf

Bay leaf is loaded with vitamins such as vitamin c, iron, potassium magnesium, and it also helps with lowering your blood pressure. Lots of people just use it in their stew in soups and other recipes. I have used the leaves to make tea as well and it’s good for treating migraines. I tend to use it in cooking I don’t really experiment with its other uses. So the soil in this pot is quite dry and has been used up, I really don’t think there are any nutrients left in this soil.

Step by Step Guide to Resoiling A Bay Leaf Plant

The first thing I have to do is remove all the unnecessaries stuff, from the pot its currently living in. I’m going to put it in the same pot because it’s a good size. At the moment, there are onions living with the bay leaf. These other plants I planted along with the Bay Leaf, primarily to see if I could get some seeds, namely the onion plant. I was also trying to seed some beetroot in the same pot as the Bay Leaf, which I will just remove from the soil and put away to dry out. If you have a look at the video, you will see a little beetroot actually was growing in the same pot as the Bay Leaf.

So the pot that I planted the Bay Leaf in was just left to the side because I was concentrating on other plants. But it is a shame because this plant is very useful in so many ways. As you can see from the video demonstration the root has totally dried out.

The roots needed space ages ago so that’s definitely not good. If you look at the root, it definitely needed repotting a long time ago. I need to remove some of the soil and make room for fresh healthy compost. I also need to trim all the excess and dried up vegetable matter living in and around the plant and then give it a good watering.

This particular plant has a number of baby shoots springing up in the same pot. So although it has been neglected the plant is still sending out new shoots. It is important to be really careful with the plant when they are shooting up new plants. In the case of this bay leaf, I will take special care because it is a very healthy plant. Taking care not to disturb the root too much. The recent rain and sunshine we have been experiencing in the UK must have helped it to survive outside like.

I have not given this tree any plant food, it is very easy to take care of. So if you are new to gardening and considering a plant to grow. Then the bay leaf would be a good place to start. It takes very little care, but it is very nutritious and useful all round.

If you have a small space you can plant a bay leaf and eventually it will become quite big. You can use it for bordering as well. You can use it for decoration in your garden.

So once I’ve added a bit of fresh soil, the plant is looking much cleaner. I can’t emphasise enough how sturdy and hardy this plant is. Now it is in a container all by itself and won’t be sharing nutrients with other plants. Finally to get rid of the air pockets in the compost I will add a bit of water and that’s it.


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