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Got Questions?



Frequently Asked Questions

Can you do a tutorial presentation online?

Yes, I can provide live online tutorials and presentation over the internet via Zoom or Skype. It does not matter how large or small the group is I can accommodate as much as possible.

Do you offer one to one consultations and support?

Yes, I can offer advice over the phone or via the internet. If you have a need for me to visit your premises, I am happy to do this also.

How do you deliver your plants and accessories?

I will use a standard courier company. If you order seeds for example, the packets are quite small so these can go via Royal Mail.
I will send you a tracking number and contact you by text to tell you when your product will be arriving.
Because I only operate on a small scale. I can call you to arrange a time that is convenient for you to receive your parcel.

How can I pay for goods and services ordered?

I have set up a PayPal payment gateway on the website’s checkout. And Stripe which allows me to accept payment via credit or debit card.