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Really Amazing Gardener's Consultancy Service 1

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Design & Planting

Really Amazing Gardener’s Consultancy Service

Gardening is as simple as you make it. But you might find that you need help with choosing, positioning and other activities related to bringing your gardening dreams to reality.

I can help you with choosing the right flowers, vegetables and fruiting plants. Based on the environment or setting you have at your disposal.

Whether you just want to dip your toes in the water, to see if gardening will fit in with your current lifestyle. I can help you create something manageable, tailored to to fit your specific situtation.

I can help you through the process. Of choosing a spot to start growing, types of plants to try out. And much more simple common sense approaches I’ve used over the years.

Really Amazing Gardener's Consultancy Service
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Garden Care

Really Amazing Gardener’s Consultancy Service

I would say I specialize in growing plants that are mainly for food and herbal remedies, primarily in confined urban spaces.

If you are looking for ways to use the space in your garden, for growing edible plants. And vegetables that you have grown with your own hands and can be proud. After all, if its coming from your own back garden, then you can vouch for its source. So if you are looking at growing some edible food and need help. I can show you how to take care of plants you have already started growing yourself or if you haven’t started I can help you cultivate and maintain a productive small crop.

I can help you:

1. Choose which types of Caribbean foods to select.

2. How to find seeds and suckers for Caribbean food plants. If you fancy a nice bed of Spinach or Tomato. I can help you grow and see them through to maturity.

3. What time of year to start cultivating which type of plants

4. Where to find an ideal spots in your garden to locate your Caribbean food plants.

5. How to care for Caribbean Herbal plants in the UK or colder climates

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Soil Preparation

Its amazing how much we as humans are connected to the earth. Because if you can develop a healthy planting ground for your plants. You end up with healthier plants which in turn produces healthier fruit and vegetables for our bodies. This why I am passionate about this particular aspect of gardening. See this blog for example

Let me help you create an organic and healthy environment for your plants. By

1. Determining Soil Health

2. Testing

3. Determining the soil texture and type you have to work with

4. Coming up with a soil improvement plan

5. Created a well aerated environment for your soil. The right balance of oxygen in your garden soil will determine how well fed the plants will be in the end.

6. Types of organic matter to add to your soil and how to manage this process of feeding your plants.


Really Amazing Gardener's Consultancy Service

We Use Plants to Bring Life

I have had a great deal of experience and success with growing fruit and flower trees in the UK, particularly in a back yard setting. Please contact me so we can discuss your needs

Let me help you turn your kitchen and other space around your house into a productive food and flower growing source of joy and fun for all the family. I will help you with seasonality advice, types of vegetables and flowers to choose. I will help you design and maintain the right environment for your plants to flourish.

I will help you manage pests and weeds the natural way. For example, instead of getting chemicals from the farm shop which at times seems easier and less time consuming. I opt for a mixture I’ve concocted using neem oil. This is much kinder to the plants and the environment. So get in touch with me so we can discuss your requirements today.