growing peanuts indoor in the UK

These are normal raw peanuts, I got some coco peat placed it in a plastic bag with the peanuts, and within 5 days roots started to germinate. Peanuts normally like sandy soil, which is why I put it in the coco peat compost to start it off. Today I am transplanting the germinated seeds into a seeding tray I created by cutting a two-litre plastic bottle in half. I then filled it with multipurpose compost mixed with coco peat.

From a nutritional standpoint, peanut has a lot of healthy fat, they are high in protein, fibre, manganese, potassium and vitamin B just to name a few. Peanuts are quite good for the soil in that, the trees replace nitrogen in the soil. So if you are going to fertilize your peanut, try to use a fertilizer that doesn’t have much nitrogen in it. Otherwise, you will end up with lots of leaves and no peanut in the ground.

I’m excited to be transplanting these and I can’t wait for my boys to try organically grown peanuts from their own back yard. When I was a child my dad grew fresh peanuts and it was a delight to just pull them straight from the soil and munch on them.

So to transplant them into the large container all I did was use a pencil to dig some holes. Then placed the germinated seedlings in each hole one at a time. Make sure to water the soil mixture before transplanting the nuts.

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