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These are normal raw peanuts, I got some coco peat placed it in a plastic bag with the peanuts, and within 5 days roots started to germinate. Peanuts normally like sandy soil, which is why I put it in the coco peat compost to start it off. Today I am transplanting the germinated seeds into a seeding tray I created by cutting a two-litre plastic bottle in half. I then filled it with multipurpose compost mixed with coco peat.

From a nutritional standpoint, peanut has a lot of healthy fat, they are high in protein, fibre, manganese, potassium and vitamin B just to name a few. Peanuts are quite good for the soil in that, the trees replace nitrogen in the soil. So if you are going to fertilize your peanut, try to use a fertilizer that doesn’t have much nitrogen in it. Otherwise, you will end up with lots of leaves and no peanut in the ground.

I’m excited to be transplanting these and I can’t wait for my boys to try organically grown peanuts from their own back yard. When I was a child my dad grew fresh peanuts and it was a delight to just pull them straight from the soil and munch on them.

So to transplant them into the large container all I did was use a pencil to dig some holes. Then placed the germinated seedlings in each hole one at a time. Make sure to water the soil mixture before transplanting the nuts.

Step By Step Guide For How to Grow Peanut From Seed

How to grow normal raw peanuts, not the roasted and salted ones. They would have died under the heat and processing, cannot use the roasted ones because those will not grow. So just get some raw peanuts from the shop.

So the first thing to do is, get some coco core and put some peanut seeds in a freezer bag. Leave them in the fridge for about 5 days. And as you can see from the video above, the seeds have sprouted, into some very healthy root strands.

Soil Type for Growing Peanuts

Peanuts normally like sandy soil which is why I opted for using the coco core to start with. Take your raw peanuts put them in some cocoa core, tie the bag and leave it.

Transplanting Peanut Shoots

I am using a 2-litre water bottle I have cut in half and recycled to use as a grower or seeding pot. Into which you will need to then use multi-purpose compost, mixed with the cocoa core.

Health Benefits of Peanut

Peanut has healthy fats, it also has high levels of protein, fibre, potassium, manganese vitamin b, even iron there is also a small trace of carbohydrates.

How Can Peanut Be of Benefits to The Soil

Peanuts are quite good for the soil because they can replace the nitrogen content in the soil. If you’re planting peanuts please do not fertilize with any nitrogen feed. Because you are going end up with loads of leaves and no peanut underneath the soil.

How Long does it take for peanut seeds to germinate

In the video, you can see what my seeds are like. Kids love peanut butter, my boys will have a fresh taste of what naturally organically grown peanut taste like. As a child, my father grew fresh peanuts and it was a delight to just pull them up to see what’s underneath.

So in total, it has taken seven days to grow and germinate these peanuts. I didn’t get the chance to do the video when I noticed the root. But the roots are looking amazing. I’m not even sure how much I put in grower because I just took a handful of peanuts and sowed them in.

Transplanting Peanuts Seedlings into Soil 2

It is such a great feeling seeing them root so nicely. So next I am going to take something to divide the soil and make holes. I don’t have anything in particular so I’m just taking a pencil and then make a hole. I already watered the mixture so that was done before I put my peanuts in.

I am going to put my peanuts in the soil, one seed at a time. Nice to have fresh peanuts here in the UK. Here we do not have the long growing season so if you want to grow peanut here you will have to start it indoors.

Best Time to Start Planting Peanuts

If you wait until the last frost which is normally the ending of March it will be too late for the peanut. If you have ever grown peanuts before you know the peanuts have to flower first.

Then when the flowers get fertilized it drops the flower which is the ovaries into the ground and then that’s what goes down into the soil and then make your nice peanuts underneath.

It will be a bit difficult if you’re going to start it when the weather is warmed up. So it is best to start it indoors, I have tried it before by just putting it straight in water which does work well. But I do not like that method because at times, you find that the peanuts start rotting instead of growing in water.

Transplanting Baby Peanut Shoots from one container to the next

I prefer to put the peanut seeds in a bag with some compass. I won’t be able to plant out all the current seedlings into one planter. I will put the remainder of the peanut shoots in another container. These seedlings will be growing in this grower until last week in March or thereabouts.

Look for the nicest, healthiest seedling then put it in your planter and then get another container to plant the remainder.

I’ve managed to germinate quite a large amount of shoots, to the point where I am spoiled for choice with which seedlings to transplant over.

When do you know it’s time to harvest peanuts?

If you have children or even just for fun for yourself I always grew up eating peanuts but the moment my dad actually planted peanut for us and then you know when the leaves start getting a bit yellow the peanut is ready.

So I was very surprised to see the peanuts had sprouted. I went to pull up a peanut and I could see the seed dangling from the root. It was very exciting to see. I promised my boys this year that I’m going to recreate that excitement for them, the experience I had has a child harvesting peanuts, which my Dad had planted in the garden. So they can have to fresh peanuts also.

Using Peanut to Lower Your Soil PH levels

So just pop down to any shop or supermarket and pick up a pack of raw peanut emphasize they have to be raw. It cannot be salted or roasted or anything like that they have to be raw peanuts. If your soil that you want to lower the Ph balance to plant things like blueberries that don’t like high PH levels. You can plant the peanuts first and it will lower the ph level of the soil. Then you can use that soil as well to plant blueberries.

On this occasion I have managed to plant 8 seedlings in total, then I still have some nice ones left over. Which I will try and find alternative containers to plant them in. I can’t afford to waste these, I still have 10 or so seedlings left over to plant.

So once you have planted your seedlings in the soil, just give them a little pat down and add a bit of water. So hopefully in a week, you will be seeing some nice peanut plants. So always remember to label your vegetables, peanuts have a unique distinctively looking foliage, but just in case they get mixed up. Just be on the safe side and always label your plants.

So within 8 days, the seeds have sprouted nicely, the root systems are looking healthy. So leave a comment and let me know if you have ever tried your hands at growing peanuts.


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