Bean Sprouts Double-layer Dishes Plate Seedling Tray


Bean Sprouts Double-layer Dishes Plate Seedling Tray

Product Description:

High quality, application scenarios: nursery flower production, home gardening, balcony garden.

These are corrosion-resistant, breathable, non-deformable, strong and durable, water-saving, drought-resistant and light-transmissive.

Food grade PP raw materials, health, and safety, environmental protection

Wide range of uses:

The seedling tray can germinate a variety of small seeds, such as beans, peas, mung beans, wheatgrass seeds, alfalfa, vanilla, radish, perilla, Chinese cabbage, and the like.

Product Specification:

Name: Seedling tray

Material: PP

Length: inner disk: length 32.3X width 23.5X height 3.6cm chassis: length 33.7X width 24.5X height 5cm

Weight: 260G

Package list:

1* seedling tray


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