Garden raised bed – fabric material


Fabric Raised Garden Bed


Garden raised bed – fabric material


Product Description:


1,The material is light and durable, the technology is excellent, the export standard 3.0 polypropylene ribbon is adopted, the bearing capacity is strengthened 10 times, and can not be torn off.

2.Double layer reinforcement handle is affixed inside to prevent fracture due to insufficient load bearing.

3.It is environmentally friendly and durable, breathable, and planting bags can last for a long time.

4.With it’s diverse color and size and strong selectivity, it’s back and forth reverse needle sewing is used at the interface to prevent the lines from scattered.


Product Information: Garden raised bed – fabric material

Name:Square environmental protection planting bag

Material:Environmental protection and high quality non-woven fabric

Color:Black, blue,red, grass green

Size:Small(40*30*20CM) Middle(50*30*20CM) Large(60*30*20CM)


Black Size 160G Black Middle 140G Black Small 120G

Other three kings Large 125G Middle 110G Small 100G

Package Lists:

1*Square environmental protection planting bag

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