Repotting my Guinep/Quenepa Tree

Guinep or Quenepa is a very delicious Caribbean fruit. It is very popular in Jamaica and has a child this was one the fruits that my family grew in our back yard.

I originally planted this in my youtube vlog on the 30th of July. I had a go at planting about 4 seeds, 3 of which germinated but sadly one of them didn’t make it. 😢 The trees can grow very tall, in the Caribbean, both children and adults alike climb the trees to get to the fruit.

The fruits come in clusters or what we call bunches in Jamaica, similar to how a cluster of grapes would appear. They actually look like small green unripe limes, but they taste much better than that, you have to crack open the skin which gives you access to the pulp. Which has a salmon or yellowish translucent colour. When the fruit is ripe, the fruit has a very pleasant acid but sweet taste.


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