What to plant in February

what to plant in February – really GReat Tips

What to plant in February? Good question, I am really excited because there are a lot of things we can sow in February. Most vegetables will need about seven to eight weeks to germinate and get strong before they can be transplanted to the outdoors. In my zone for example the frost period ends on or around the 20th of March. So between 2nd of February to 20th of March we have roughly 7 to 8 weeks, in which to get our seedlings ready.

What to plant in February? Seeds to Sow in February

If you have a cold frame or polytunnel, you can start your seedling off as early as February. These are some of the plants I have already planted indoors under my grow/UV light in my living room.

Tomatoes are quite delicate when they are just starting to sprout, so if you don’t have a heated mat, LED light or something to keep the plants warm, I would recommend not starting them off until the middle of February. Otherwise, the plants will become quite leggy and when this happens the plant will be less resistant to diseased.

Sweet peppers

Throughout the year when my peppers are in full bloom and are ready to produce and start fruiting. Then, it just so happens that, the weather decides to change and get colder. In order to avoid this, I decided to start my peppers really early. In doing so, the seedlings will be nice and strong, so that when spring arrives I can get a head start.

Cayenne peppers are another variety that I started on the 3rd of January, and hopefully, by March, I will have a nice baby plant in my garden.

Collards are also great for starting off this time of year. I started my collards in January and they are almost ready. I translated them into a recycled peanut butter container I got from the supermarket. I believe strongly in minimising your footprint and the impact you have on the environment, in whatever pursuits you are doing in life. Whatever you are doing there is always something you can do to minimise and be sympathetic to the environment.

Herbs are a great choice. If you are starting them from seeds, you will need a few propagators with some all-purpose compost. Add a bit of water, plant your seeds in the compost, try and keep them somewhere, warm where there is a bit of light filtering through.

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