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How to organise your vegetable seeds when sowing vegetables

March is a good month in my climate, the last frost would be from the 11th to the 20th of March. So, at the beginning of March, that’s sufficient time to get most of the seeds started. Some things we can sew directly in the ground in March and some we can start indoor or in the polytunnel. I have a lovely seed organizer, previously my seeds were all over the place. So, this is just a DVD case and then when you open it up, it has all these sections. This is such a good organizer; you can put a card with the months of the year. To organise the sections, for different seed according to months. Then you have your seeds all organized and lovely. I cannot take credit for it, because I was watching a fellow YouTuber called turf therapy, he had it and so I am kidnapping the idea. Sometimes when you open the seeds, they get all over the place. So, to have a nice organizer like this then it is good.

Planting Brassicas in March

March is a good month so most of your brassicas, cabbage, and cauliflower all those things you can start sowing now because they need the length of time. So, you can start harvesting in late summer, autumn, you can have all your brassicas in. So, if you have not got your kale and your cauliflower and your Brussels sprouts and all those things in, it’s the ideal time to get them in now.

How to Plant Onions

If you are starting your onion from seed this is like the last month where you can start your onions from seed because the onion does require a lot of time if you have missed last months what to sow video, when I was mentioning all the onions and other vegetables to plant in this season, you can have look on the channel. Go for the onion set and start onion instead, because that gives them sufficient time to mature.

Vegetable Variety To Plant In March

You can go outside, and you can direct sow your broad bean you can direct sow some sweet peas. You can also do some lettuce mix directly outside. Last week I sewed some carrots directly outside. I have a couple of potatoes in a container in the polytunnel as well. So, I already have things in the ground, so it is such a lovely month. And it is almost spring so and I am in the garden. I have not been in the gardening doing the video for a while and I am in a T-Shirt and its freezing. But the weather is warming up. So, it depends on the varieties of things you intend to plant, for example, I have this sweet corn which I have started. And the advice is to plant it between March and May, so I will be getting sweet corn this year.

Sowing and Planting Comfrey

I have been direct sowing some comfreys into the garden also. So, you know comfrey is used as a natural fertilizer so, I will not put these in pots and then transplant I am going to direct sow these in this month. With my sweet corn though, because they are still predicting some cold nights. When I sow these I will be covering them over with clear plastic to mimic the greenhouse scenario until it sprouts.

Timing your March Planting and Sowing Project

Because you still must have a bit of caution we are in the UK, and March can be a freezing month so not to put you off, but you must have caution otherwise you will find that you sow your seeds they sprouted too quickly and then you have to re-sow again and waste your seeds.

So, there is still cautious for certain things and remember I have been saying this for the last two months. If you have not started your peppers, sweet pepper, and hot pepper. Whatever varieties you need to get those in. In previous months I have sown loads of carrots, so I had two lots of carrots as well. One set was sown last week and then I also had a lot of tomatoes that were started indoors.

How to Plant Your Tomatoes In March/Late Winter

Those were mostly baby tomatoes, but this month is the month to plant all your tomatoes. I planted some Roma last month as well and I think I planted some beef, so this month is good for starting any tomato you want. Please start planting all your tomatoes, so whatever tomato go for it.

How to Plant Okra In March

Then I’ll be doing some okra some ladies finger all excited I tried this last year unfortunately it did not work for me. I think the mistake I made was I went to the local shop bought these but they weren’t mature enough so the seeds weren’t at the level to germinate so I went, and I saw some online and these should be mature seeds, so that I can have some okra this summer.

These Okra vegetables are nice and smooth, if you do not like the slime texture or the taste of it just put it in your smoothie, you will be getting all the nutrients without the taste of it. So have a go at growing some okra this year. Basically, all your main summer crops you can start sewing them, isn’t that lovely?

How to Plant Beans

I have just sewn some butter bean today, so these are some organic butter beans. Last year I had loads of butter bean to harvest from just one vine. I planted several butter beans plants, but some of them did not make it. Only one plant survived, and I had three harvests from the one vine. So I was so happy, get your beans in you can get your French bean your dwarf beans you can start sewing those as well.

Planting Carrots, Tomatoes, Butternut Squash and Pumpkins

Different carrots and things just make sure look at them because some carrots are ideal for late winter, early spring. Look at the guideline on your carrots and then from now on I will be sewing carrots every two to three weeks right until the end of July. This is the month where every two weeks I have been sewing crochet tomatoes, carrots throughout the season. So, you have all of those I have mentioned, then your butternut squash or your pumpkin all those squash you can start planting now. I have loads of pumpkin and squash seeds.

Planting Courgettes in March

All those things in my handy folder I can just go through bit by bit and the seeds are all organized lovely. Make sure the courgettes, your eggplants are all in. And remember as I said previously those need the extended period so they can be nice and sturdy before the weather change so you can have a good crop before your short summer period expires. And with courgettes, you can grow them every two-succession planting.

Because I know they get powdery mildew and sometimes courgettes are not the best for our weather because we get a lot of rain. So, I would advise you to sew courgettes, every two weeks. Remember I mentioned all the brassicas all those things it can be all year round. Also, cauliflower any variety make sure you are sowing them now that it is almost spring. I have different types of cabbages experiments going now also.

Types of Cabbages to Plant in March

You do not have to do the same type, so I have nice round cabbages, I have elongated cabbage and I also have red cabbage so i have different cabbages going as well different types of cauliflower as well. I have about four different types of beetroot and about four different types of radishes. So, we should experiment as well then if I turn my page. I am really loving my organizer.

Tips on Herbs You Can Plant In March

Turn the page over, remember to plant your chives. The bees love the blossom on the chives so all your herbs which you should have planted earlier if you have not got them, you still can plant your herbs. So, your chives your parsley your basils all those things get them in.

Tips on Planting Sunflower In March

And for saving seeds and for the bees it is time to start planting your sunflower, so start your sunflower seeds and I’m planting four different varieties of carrots this year. So, this is another variety of carrot I am going to re-pot this month. I have so many things to sew I was just inside before the video sewing loads and loads of seeds.

Tips on Planting Cucumber in March

Remember you have your cucumbers to go in also. I sewed some of these last months. If you look at my indoor tour updates of what is growing, you will see it coming on lovely. So, I have a couple of those already established. I am going to be sewing out loads more of cucumbers. I love cucumber juice so refreshing. So, I need a continuous supply of cucumbers. Those two have established nicely, I am going to sow some more this month at the beginning of this month and the middle of the month. I will be sewing some more as well I am so excited spring is almost here let the gardening begin.

How to Plant Radish and Egg Plant in March

You should have got your eggplant started already. I have two different varieties growing this year. All the radishes, there so many varieties of radishes Whatever one you like you like to plant, just have a go. You have a French breakfast, munchner and only normal radish. Any type of radish just start with those now. This is a good one for most of your main crop but remember look at the zone that you are in. There is a website where you can type in your postcode or just the area that you are living in and it will give you a rough idea of when your last frost date will be.

Because we do not want to waste these, they are expensive and preciously done so make sure you plant according to the season you are in. So, your winter gem I have sown from January, so these are coming up nicely as well. I think I will do another set because they are nice in a salad. So, I am just going through my planner and picking different seeds to plant. Using the DVD Case to organise my seeds makes it so much easier.

How to Plant Turnips and Asparagus in March

You can start sewing turnips, like the purple top there are loads of different varieties. That is one of the benefits of sowing from seeds you don’t have to just buy what’s in the nursery.

You can go out, look online and source different varieties that they do not have normally in-store and plant loads of varieties in your garden. If you have not started your asparagus from seed this could have been started from January, but you are still in time we are in March and still can sew these asparagus I have some in the garden in a container.

Let us just start it from the crown the asparagus crown, so those are coming on lovely, so I did not get to cut them last year because the first year is advised to go to fern and then the following years we can start harvesting. But I am looking forward to my freshly grown asparagus in my garden and then these probably start harvesting in three years’ time because they do take time.

How to Plant Natural SPonges/Luffa

I have all those things and then this is a fancy one I have never done before my natural sponge. So, I have been growing some loafers some natural sponge this year. I have literally just sewn them probably half an hour before this video. It would be interesting to see if I can have some natural sponge to bathe with.

How to Plant Kale in March

So, I am looking forward to those and remember your brassicas those including your kale as well. Make sure you have your kale, so I have my dinosaur kale and I have the curly kale ones. I have different varieties of kale because I know kale is so good, so this is a good month too for kale. First thing you need to do is go online see when your last frost date is. Once you establish that then it is roughly four weeks to go before your last frost maximum.

How to Plant Melons In March

All your melons can be stared now, I am growing some sugar baby watermelon. Because the bigger size watermelon takes too long to ripe in our climate. Therefore, growing the smaller ones which take less time is a better option. I have grown smaller melons successfully in my polytunnel. This month I am sowing loads more melons, to a bit more for eating throughout the season.

what to sow or plant in march Conclusion

Remember whatever you are planning to grow in 2021, March is the ideal month to sow most of your seeds. Apart from the runner beans, which I have delayed putting in until the ending part of March. Because I know they do not like the cold weather at all. But apart from that most of the main potatoes if you are planting it outside, you will probably have to wait until mid-March or thereabout when the ground has thawed out. But if you are planting your potatoes undercover you can start them now.

Remember have fun gardening. Let me know what you are sewing in March or what have you sewn already. I have a couple of my subscribers saying that they have started butter bean they are started tomatoes and loads more vegetables, so let me know what you are planting this month. I’m looking forward to putting my comfrey in the garden because comfrey in the shop is expensive. So, I’m looking forward to having it in my own garden.

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